Ref.2526 Full Service

Movement: cal.12-600 AT
Condition: Movement oil has dried up
Resolution: Overhauling

Y&N Watch Partners

-Hong Kong reclusive Independent watchmaker hosting.
-The only shop in Hong Kong that offers on-site quotations using a microscope, with no inspection fee and a 12-month warranty.
-Watchmakers have over 20 years of experience in maintaining and repairing Top-tier brands.
-Exclusive use of top-notch Swiss repair equipment and consumables
-Throughout the entire process, we strictly adhere to the brand's repair standards and quality inspection standards.

Fair Quotation, Transparent Processing, Professional Services

【Services Offered】

Repairment: Overhauling, Movement repair, Customized Parts
Polishing and Renewing: Polishing, Sandblasting, Steel and gold laser, Diamond setting
Restoration and Refurbishment: Dial restoration, Shape correction and repair, Customization of Gold (K-Gold), Steel Cases, Bezels, Case backs...
Electroplating and Refinishing: Water and electrical plating, Vacuum plating in 18K gold, rose gold, blue, black, and antique bronze colours
Watch Authentication
Watch Sell & Consignment