The main reasons for damage or changes to the dial of a general watch are as follows:

👉 Watch collision, causing scratches on the dial by the hands or the watch glass.
👉 Some antique watches undergo oxidation over time, causing the dial to turn yellow or change color.
👉 Moisture enters the watch due to lack of waterproofing, leaving water stains on the watch face.
👉 Due to high humidity, some watch dials may experience cracking of the paint, which is more commonly seen in Rolex watches.
👉 There is also a peculiar situation that is not uncommon: the paint on the watch itself undergoes a chemical reaction upon contact with external air, leaving strange white spots on the dial.
These situations are frequently encountered in our workshop.

The master in our workshop has decades of experience in dial restoration, and we have advanced equipment that allows us to handle most cases.

Of course, whether dial repair is necessary depends on different circumstances and needs to be evaluated by the watch owner themselves.
👉 For highly valuable antique watches or vintage watches with high market value, 80% of their value lies in the dial, whether it is the dial surface itself, luminescent material, or hands. Whether it remains in its original condition or undergoes restoration will affect its value.
👉 The second consideration is for dials with non-removable indices. Generally, dial restoration requires removing all the hour markers, but for dials with non-removable markers, the restoration effect will be significantly affected.
Moreover, the high temperatures involved in the restoration process can damage the hour markers, so we do not recommend repair in such cases.

Each damaged watch dial is different, so the restoration effect and cost will vary.
Feel free to send us pictures for inquiry, and we will answer your questions.


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I want to change color of my dial, is that possible?

In general, it is technically feasible to change the color of a dial to white, black, or champagne. However, it is not recommended to change it to a specific brand's color such as blue, green, or pink, for example. This is because each brand uses specific color ratios in their pigments, and any non-original color modification will inevitably result in some color deviation from the original factory color.