The art of restoring and polishing fine watches is a rare and delicate practice, and it should only be carried out by knowledgeable and well-trained master watchmakers. We provide most professional polish and refurbishing service to make your luxury watch look as good as new by removing scratches, dents and other signs of wear. 


We offer a full range of watches and clocks services. We can help you with everything from battery replacement to a vintage watch restoration. We can handle any problem on both vintage and complicated watches.

  • We make watch repair process more transparent for you
  • We are a friendly and professional team
  • We handle a wide range of watch service
  • We believe every watch is an precious investment and carrying an emotional sentimental weight.
  • We offer one year warranty for all serviced watch


What is minor polishing?

Minor polishing," involves using a canvas wheel and a mild abrasive compound to treat the watch, restoring the shine to the metal surface. This type of minor polishing is suitable for addressing fine scratches, such as hairline marks, on the watch surface.

What is comprehensive polishing?

When faced with larger scratches or dents on the watch's exterior, more specialized tools such as felt buffs, chamfering wheels, and polishing discs need to be carefully employed. The advantage of a comprehensive polishing approach is that it can restore the watch's appearance to a flawless, factory-fresh shine. This process requires skill and precision to ensure a uniform and aesthetically pleasing result.

What is the recommended frequency for comprehensive polishing?

It is generally recommended not to exceed 3 to 5 comprehensive polishing sessions for a watch. If over-polished, the most noticeable effect is that the overall appearance of the watch may be altered. This can include less sharp edges, a loss of symmetry, or a deviation from its original aesthetic. These are all factors that must be carefully considered before proceeding with the polishing of a watch.